Pickle Ornament Christmas Holiday Decoration
Christmas Pickle Ornament

The tradition with ‘die Weinachtsgurke’ (Chritmas Pickle) is the most popular in the Midwest in particular where there are a great deal of German immigrants. The tradition is building in popularity for Americans. If you have one, you probably know that it is a tradition started long ago and you’re supposed to hide the pickle in your Christmas tree. The pickle ornament is concealed in the tree and whoever finds it receives a reward. Holiday traditions are lots of fun, and are something I look forward to each year.

Additionally, my kids have observed pickle ornaments in stores and believe they are fun! They know if they are the very first child to get the ornament on Christmas morning then they will get a particular gift from St. Nicholas for being the absolute most observant.

While the origins continue to be a little unclear, it seems the very first pickle ornament was made for industrial purposes by the well-known retailer Woolworths. The origin of the tradition, nevertheless, is somewhat murky. Whatever the legitimate origin is, the Christmas pickle is an enjoyable tradition which allows for plenty of imagination.

The very first child to discover the pickle on Christmas morning receives a distinctive treat or they get to open the very first gift. No matter the outcome, capturing the pickle is sort of a huge dill. Should an adult find the pickle it means good luck for the whole year.