What is a pickleback? A pickleback is the process of enjoying your favorite shot of whiskey; shortly followed by a shot of quality pickle brine. A pickleback can also be called a ‘Piskey’, ‘Piskey Whickle’, ‘Bartender’s Handshake’ and the ‘Shot Eraser’.

pickle brine
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The pickleback allows one to experience their whiskey to the degree they enjoy then neutralize the taste of the liquor and the burn of the alcohol with a quick shot of pickle juice. The pickleback does not discriminate any whiskey brand and should be tried with your or your friends favorite whiskey. I personally like Tullamore Dew that gives a soft, buttery, rounded flavor that lingers. The pickle brine provides a perfect finish for what we like to call the ‘Bread and Butter’ Piskey.

One of the missed elements of enjoying this drink is to appreciate the whiskey. The pickle brine will always provide a relief should tastes get too intense. To enjoy the whiskey one should take note of the flavor experience.

Before a toast, possibly Irish like ‘sláinte’ (to health), smell the whiskey and note the characteristics. After the toast shoot back the whiskey shot and note the flavors. One can experience many flavors such as smokey, pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, earthy, plum, and let’s not forget alcohol. This is whiskey and the best part is the throat or burn. Now upon the burn drink the shot of pickle brine. The burn will immediately be resolved and you can now savor the zesty flavor of the pickle brine which is typically of a dill variety.

Various modifications of this drink exist, however the description above provides the best experience. Some people prefer to have a dill pickle or slice to garnish the pickle brine shot. After finishing the brine one can go for the extra crunch and enjoy a flavorful pickle.

Enjoy this new drink with your friends. My first introduction to this drink was with my son on his 21st birthday. The pickleback made for good memories and a standing tradition. Cheers!

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